Monet and Van Gogh cakegumpaste flower detail
On March 26th and 27th 2011 Monica competed in the National Capital Area Cake Show and placed 7th in the wedding cake division and won "Best Professional Cupcake"  in the cocktail cupcake challenge.  Her Bailey's After Dark cupcake was a huge hit!  Her flavor was a combination of Godiva mocha, Bailey's and Creme de Menthe.   There were   over 180 entries in this challenge.  First place is a huge honor.  For the wedding cake competition, she was given information about a bride and groom and had to incorporate at least 4 pieces of that information on her cake.  She chose to center the design around the bride and groom's favorite artists- Van Gogh and Monet.  Pictured below are her 2010 NCACS wedding cake entry (8th place and her very first cake competition) and her 2010 Great American Cake Show wedding cake entry.  This cake represents the state of Wyoming, but unfortunately did not place in the top 10. In the NCACS 2010 cake competition, she also won 2nd place for her banana split torte.  Everything you see on these cakes is handmade by Monica and made of edible materials.  Anyone curious about the world of cake art, whether you're a baker or not, would enjoy these shows.  There are classes for those interested, demonstrations, vendors who provide the latest decorating equipment, live cake challenges (and yes you will see some of those famous people on tv and many more talented cake artists that should be famous).  There are also many divisional categories for anyone of any age and skill level to compete.   It's inspiring beyond belief!