Holiday Specials

Monica's Sugar Studio

Here are our Easter selections this year, but as always, feel free to order something else if desired.  Since we are now custom order only we will not keep extras on hand, so be sure to place your order by Monday 4-10.  We will be at the shop from 10:00-2:00 on Saturday the 15th for pick ups.

                                             8" triple layered cakes                

                                               with Easter decoration

                                            (with a pineapple fluff filling)

                                                 Hummingbird cake
                              (spiced pineapple, banana nut cake with
                                  a cream cheese frosting filling and

                                                       9" Cheesecake

                                              (with blueberry topping)

 9" pies
Coconut cream

Chocolate/peanut butter custard

10" Tart
(A sponge cake shell filled with pastry cream and
topped with apricot glazed fruit and berries)

Chocolate covered Easter eggs


Peanut butter


$1.50 each

1/2 Dozed Robin's Egg Cupcakes

(chocolate cake filed with coconut custard and
topped with chocolate ganache, toasted coconut and a  blue speckled buttercream robin's egg)

1 Dozen Butter Crescent Rolls