Our cupcakes start at $2(wedding cupcakes $2.50) 

Fillings add $.50 per cupcake.

 Cupcakes can be specially ordered
with  a minimum 1 dozen per flavor. 

Simple flavors are always tasty, but listed below are some of our gourmet

* Chocolate truffle- filled with chocolate mousse

*Lemon meringue- filled with lemon filling and toped with toasted meringue

*Caramel apple- caramel cake with apple filling and a french caramel frosting and caramel  drizzle

*Key lime- vanilla cake with key lime filling, vanilla buttercream and graham cracker crumbs

*Orange grove- orange cake and  filling, orange zest buttercream and graham cracker crumbs

*Banana frenzy- marble cake,filled with  banana mousse and  sliced bananas, banana buttercream and chocolate ganache drizzle

*Peanut butter cup- chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse filling, peanut butter icing with chocolate drizzle and a peanut butter cup

*Creme de menthe- chocolate cake with chocolate ganache dip and creme de menthe buttercream

*Strawberry shortcake- vanilla cake with whipped cream and sliced strawberry fillings and vanilla buttercream

*Cranberry chai- spiced cranberry cake with cream cheese icing

*Mocha- chocolate cake with chocolate custard filling and mocha buttercream

*Red velvet with vanilla buttercream and red velvet cake crumbs

*Linzer- spiced hazelnut cake with blackberry preserve filling and a white chocolate cream cheese icing

*Carrot with cream cheese icing

*Smores- chocolate cake with a graham cracker bottom, chocolate filling and toasted meringue topping

*Hazelnut truffle- hazelnut cake filled with chocolate mousse and a hazelnut buttercream topping

*Pink champagne-pink champagne cake with pink champagne icing

*Raspberry truffle- chocolate cake with raspberry preserve filling, chocolate ganache and chocolate marquise

*Robin's egg- chocolate cake with a coconut custard filling, topped with chocolate ganache, toasted coconut and a blue coconut buttercream robin's egg (One of my National Capital Area cupcake 1st placers!)

*Bailey After Dark- Godiva chocolate cake brushed with a godiva bailey's espresso syrup, filled with bailey's whipped cream and topped with Creme de menthe buttercream (Another on of my National Capital Area cupcake 1st placers!)

*Coconut with a pineapple filling , vanilla buttercream and coconut topping

*Pumpkin with cream cheese frosting

*Apple spice with cream cheese frosting

*Gingerbread with cream cheese frosting

*Tropical trio- Orange/Mango cake  with a mango puree filling and orange buttercream with a coconut sprinkle

*Peppermint cake with a white chocolate/peppermint buttercream and a white chocolate ganache drizzle

*White chocolate cake with a raspberry preserve filling and white chocolate buttercream coverture and ganache drizzle

*Crushed almond cake with a raspberry preserve filling and a smooth almond buttercream coverture

*Cookies and cream-  cookie battered cake filled with vanilla mousse and topped with vanilla buttercream and cookie sprinkle

*Lavender vanilla cake with a lemon  zest cream cheese frosting

*Tiramisu- vanilla cake brushed with espresso syrup, filled with mocha mascarpone and topped with epresso buttercream and shaved chocolate



Customizable cupcake towers are available for rent (round or square) for brides interested in wedding cupcakes and we also have  rustic wooden slab towers!