E-mail glitch May of 2017

Attention all customers!!!!!
Unfortuantely due to a problem with our hosts server, all of our incoming e-mails have been wiped out.  If you recently tried to contact us via e-mail and have not received a reply, please resend or call Monica @ (240)-367-4228.  Even though our hosts  say they do back-ups every day, barely any of our e-mails were able to be retrieved with no solutoion to the problem.  Fortunately we have paper files and contact info for all of our booked brides and will reach out to you one by one to see if any info we may need was in those e-mails.  For any other customers that we were in the midst of communicating with- we are working on getting in contact, but if your last email was not answered, please resend!!!  Thank you for being patient!